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The Cast Page.

Rob Rob, the protagonist of this tale. He's your average college student. Tom Tom is Rob's older cousin, who went to UVA first. Crazy Eskimo centered around his misadventures after he took in Mo as a foreign exchange student.

If you looked up "Preppy" in the dictionary, you might expect to find a picture of Tullis there. You wouldn't, but he's lobbying to have that changed.


Mo was the title character of Crazy Eskimo, but with his outside perspective, was the least crazy one around.

Calvin Computer whiz and hyperactive, Calvin is your number one source for wacky hijinks Summer Tom's current girlfriend, Summer pops up to help out his younger cousin now and then

Beautiful, confident, and smart, is it any wonder that she became Rob's first college crush?


Originally featured in one-shot comics mocking e-schoolers, Malik replaced Joey as second banana in the comic.

Ashley Ashley is one who ponders the big questions in life. Like whether puppies or kitties are cuter. Joey Originally the straight man of Crazy Eskimo, Joey was kidnapped by monkey pirates and is presumed gaming.

Like Malik, Meredith made her way from a background character to the major role of Rob's current love interest.


Tom's first crush when he got to UVA, she's the one who got him to host the Eskimo in the first place.

Kiki Meredith's other half, the pair were originally planned to provide an amused audience to Rob's various predicaments. Kelly Rob's second love interest with jsut as much success. Kelly was brought in to be my link back to first year humor.

An actor who always got bit parts, Kunle found his lead role when he joined the student newsstation.


A goth with a penchant for Care Bears, who wouldn't want Mike as a roommate?

Heidi Whatever Heidi wants... Heidi gets... usually... Sleep A fan favorite, Sleep is the true seductress with torrid on-again, off-again affairs with the whole cast!

Big, dumb, and jocky, I wanted to do a storyline that showed more of the depth of Bill's personality. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist.


They're monkeys. They're pirates. What more do you want?

Monkey Pirates!
Joe A highly talented musician, Joe majors in making everyone else look bad. Artist Me. I'm the turtle. The turtle is me.

Calvin's roommate, Gikun is unfortunately allergice to shirts.


Presider over various small class discussions, this TA has an infinite capacity for pain.

Teaching Assistant
Big Hair Dude He's too busy being an activist to be informed.

Stuckup, superior, and snobby. Today's letter of the day must be "S". Except that her name is Jane.

Liberal Professor He's passionate about educating you in his point of view.

Rob's mentor in the ways of art, she will soon move to teaching him to be sassy and imperturbable.

Art Teacher
Melissa The graphics editor at the student newspaper, Melissa's encouragement got Rob where he is today.

How could anyone achieve true independence in college without that lifeline back home?

Rob's Mom
Rob's Dad How could anyone achieve true independence in college without that lifeline back home?

Proof you don't need drugs to hallucinate in college.

Rob's Shoulder Angel and Devil
Computer Girl One of Rob's more successful endeavors in love until she got completely bombed.

Behold the monkey shirt!

Girl with the Monkey Shirt

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