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Nothing Special If ever I don't update here, check my Drunk Duck site. comicgenesis may be down

My Daily Fix.

These are the comics I read without fail. You will love them, NOW!

8 bit theater More nostalagia per pixel than any comic out there! We guarantee! Updated T-Th-Sat
Adventurers! The only comic to find an actual use for a bard! Updated T-Th-Sat

A Modest Destiny

High (pixelation) fantasy. The Starship Destiny is also located on this site

Angel Moxie

Kinda like Sailor Moon, only without the evil. Updated M-W-F.
Angst Technology Ninjas AND monkeys. This comic has everything. Updated M-W-F. 
Apple Geeks A Mac Hall-ish comic with a surprising lack of pants. Updated weekly
Ban the Basics! A bunch of above average grade schoolers. Updated M-W-F
Bhag: Low Fantasy Because everyone else takes fantasy too seriously. Updated bi-weekly... well... usually it is.
Bob and George If you only read one nostalagia inducing sprite-comic, you're missing out. Updated Daily.
Breakpoint City One mean waffle iron. Updated occasionally.
Bruno the Bandit Impressive story-arcing ability. Less than impressive bandit. Update M-W-F
Catharsis Let it out. Let it ALL out. Updates daily.
College Roomies From Hell If I don't link to this comic, Mike will take me on a misery journey. Updated weekdays
The Class Menagerie Furry fun for everyone. No new stuff, but the archive deserves a read through.
Checkerboard Nightmare I don't know why I waited so long to dive into it. The ultimate existentialist webcomic out there. Updates M-W-F.
Commander Kitty With a crew like this, who needs enemies? Currently on hiatus
College Pros Exit the professional. Enter THE COLLEGE PROS! Updates T-Th-S.
Count Your Sheep The result of a Calvin and Hobbes/For Better or For Worse one night stand. Cute though. Updated daily.
Ctrl-Alt-Delete 200% of your recommended daily allowance of 1337. Update M-W-F
The Devil's Panties The resemblance between the actions of the author and my girlfriend scares me. Updated Daily
Dungeon Crawl Once in a great while there comes a story that captures the imagination of all who read it.  This is not that story. Updated Saturdays.
Dunn Boyz An interesting college strip. Updates M-W-F... usually
Furmentation For all who ever dared to enter a roleplaying chatroom. On hiatus.
Filibuster Impressive political cartoons. Makes Canadian politics accessible even to a Yankee like me.
Furmentation Creepy. Updates tri-weekly.
Furmentation The author of my first guest strip. It looked so much my style that the only conclusion must be that this guy is my evil twin. Updates M-W-F
General Protection Fault Geek Humor meets Action and Adventure! Updates Daily.
Ghost Cat! nananananana Ghost Cat! My former Cav Daily compatriot's pre-Rob and Elliot comic venture. No longer updates, but will finish someday.
Grrmonkeys! You had me at "Monkey". Updates Mondays.
GU comics For all the online rpg players out there, but the humor is broad enough that I get it without playing Everquest, et al. Updates M-W-F
Homestar Runner! Awwwwwiiiiight! Crazy-Go-Nuts flash animation. Updated Mondays
It's Walky! The story has finished, but the WiiGiilicious fun continues Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Lovarian Adventures A well drawn epic fantasy comic. Hasn't updated in forever.
Mac Hall Art so good, it's inspired a genre of comics all its own. Updated M-F
Megatokyo Excellent art. Humble artist. Updated M-W-F except Piro is too tired.
Mixed Myth Where breaking the fourth wall isn't a shortcut, it's a way of life. Updates once a week (usually)
Morningstar The story is just unfolding, but the art is amazing.ce Updates bi-monthly.
No Need For Bushido Puts the 'AIIIIIII!' in samurai. Updates once a week.
Once Upon A Table Beware of DM. Updated M-W-F
Penny Arcade A lack of continuity never tasted so good! Updated M-W-F
Point Comics The adventures of Lizbeth, Catgirl extra-ordinaire! My first guest comic drawn went to her. Updated sporadically.
Psycindom It's all in your head. Literally. This comic is so original, I had to give it recognition. Updated daily.
PvP Two words: Giant Panda. Updated daily, if sometimes late.
Questionable Content Indy fun for the overlooked segment of the family. Updated weekdays.
Real Life Just like real life. Only with time travel, evil clones, and lots and lots of swords. Updated weekdays<./td>
Radioactive Panda Mad science gone horribly, horribly right. Updated twice a week
Rob and Elliot Former Cav Daily celebrity returns to the webcomic scene in an explosion of awesome! Updated M-F
RPG world A comic for every RPG player out there. Updated M-F
Saturnalia You know that episode of Star Trek where Picard argues that Data shouldn't become a mass produced android. Well, imagine he lost... and those new androids all became hookers. Updated weekly
Sea Of Insanity Hasn't updated in forever, but the archives are worth a read.
Sluggy Freelance The best web comic. ever. Updated daily.
Stuff Sucks Also, the sky is blue and water is wet. By the author of Weirdism. Updates Weekly.
Suburban Tribe Hilarious Adult Humor (no, not the dirty kind). Updated weekdays.
teh n00b Oh, fer f's sakes, just read it! Updated M-F.
VG Cats MacHall and Penny Arcade had a one night stand and this awesome comic was the result. Updated weekly.
Wapsi Square Proof that someone draws bigger boobs than I do. Updated M-W-F

Webcomic Lists

Yes, I know I'm a webcomic list whore... but you can still find some great comics on these lists.

BCX The official webcomic list of Drunk Duck.
The End of Logic Got comics?
comicgenesis Guide The official webcomic list of comicgenesis. Only way to vote is to visit my site alot.
Online - Fun list with lots of fun comics.
Project Comics Good stuff.
The Webcomic List Tons of good comics, plus it lets you know which have updated and which haven't.
Top Webcomics List Not to be confused with the other TWC comic list here.

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